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Faces of Evil

March 5, 2013

Today’s Morgan’s Stalking piece is an eye opener.  Its vile slanderous unsubstantiated content reminded me that our group was formed because we believe in a fundamental truth:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Make no mistake, the Ingrams are evil. They are consumed with hate and motivated by anger. They are fixated on revenge and will use any means necessary to achieve that end 

Toni Ingram revealed her true colors today.  She is a vindictive, spiteful malevolent.liar.  She is a coward who hides behind internet trolls and “anonymously” sent emails to surreptitiously float her baseless implausible and asinine theories. 

Recently someone close to the Ingram family confirmed that Steve, Toni, and Morgan were just as close as Tony says; “like three peas in a pod.”  

It is obvious to all that Morgan was a beautiful girl, inside and out.  Based on my observations and Toni’s actions, I believe Toni Ingram is everything I have said and then some.  I am left wondering if, in those last weeks of her life, Morgan began to see her mother for who she really is and could not live with it.  That revelation coupled with the chronic pain from the AIP, the hypoxic induced stalker hallucinations, the lack of sleep and the stress may have led to the tipping point and influenced Morgan to take regrettable action.

Out there?  Maybe.  But is it any less plausible than the story of an invisible teenage ninja stalker seamlessly gaining entry after slipping past six wildlife cameras and multiple motion lights killing Morgan and just as effortlessly disappearing into the night without a sound? 


The offending blog post……

From Morgan’s Stalking March 5, 2013


I believe that Morgan was killed by a serial killer in the making his first or second kill. He started out as a peeping tom, but he started to act out for some reason, he was scared, and I think this is why he used the DRUGS to kill her, because he lived close by and didn’t want to get caught. If I’m right then K will become that serial killer, he won’t use drugs the next time. When I first saw K’s Mother’s picture I was struck by some similarities i.e. Hair, Body Frame. Not that Morgan looks anything like his mother, but in a killers eye (K’s) you can see how Morgan would not be a perfect match to his Ideal Victim, but Morgan’s look was enough for K to escalate his fantasy.

While we do not know K’s family upbringing, his mother does come across as overbearing. With K into hunting at a young age, and probably never explained the respect of hunting and why, his brain went into that fantasy world about his killing, he got a thrill out of the kill. I picture Keenan when he became a teenager, he started his petty crimes of burglarizing homes, maybe stealing cars, personal items, this lead him to also be a peeping tom. Case the joint and invade the privacy of the victim, goes hand in hand really. Probably while he was casing a house, (seeing what is inside to steal through the windows) he probably saw women in their private moments, and God knows what else. He got off on it, that and his hunting and on top his over bearing Mother….yep. Living with B he had access to the drugs! Now with respect to B’s father, and I still believe that is him on the wildlife cam….if I am wrong about K as a killer, but rather he was just a petty burglar, maybe B’s dad overheard or found out about his crimes, suppose he took advantage of him living there, or even invited him in because he himself took a liking to Morgan. Could he be the serial killer like BTK, who went for years un-noticed? Is he only the opportunist killer?

Anyway, your last blog post provoked me to send you this email. With all the other peeping tom / home burglaries in the area, it sure does sound like K, however I’m still stuck on that wild life cam, for me that is J. H.! B. H. is also reputed to be bipolar right? What if B knew that K was casing your house to steal, but she knew he wasn’t stalking Morgan but, she figured out it was her DAD….oh man that wouldn’t that open up a big can of worms!

Picture of Jim Harris juxtaposed to “stalker” photo can be seen at Morgan’s stalking.

Who’s Writing The Morgan’s Stalking Blog?

February 27, 2013

I’ve noticed something odd in the MS blog.  It seems to go from first person to third person and back again..  It’s annoying as hell and makes me wonder if it’s sloppy writing/editing on Toni’s part, or if she has hired a ghost writer and he or she occasionally forgets to write from Toni’s perspective.

Here are a few examples:


Morgan’s older sister {notice she never calls her older daughter by name} comes in my office this morning to tell me that Morgan’s cat Mogwai looks like he is trying to tell her something, and is very distressed.  Steve tells Toni to call our friend the pet communicator.  Toni makes the call, and hears back 20 minutes later.  She works with Mogwai, and tells me he is upset because he was watching Morgan suffer and die, she said he saw her struggle, and couldn’t do anything to help her, he was upset that the puppy was asleep (was the puppy drugged?).  He is just a cat you know, and wouldn’t have been able to help her.  

This was posted today:


Thursday, January 05, 2012 – I spoke with Dr. Tracy Simms today, Morgan’s OB/GYN. This is the first time I have actually spoken with Dr. Simms since Morgan died. Morgan and I both went to see Dr. Simms for our Annual exams on Wednesday, November 30th in Grand Junction (she was the last doctor to see Morgan 36 hours before she was killed on Thursday night, December 1st, she died sometime before 6:00 am Friday morning, December 2nd when I found her). I saw Dr. Simms before Morgan, for my appointment and asked that she might take a look at Morgan, because Morgan looked so exhausted and pale. Toni explained to Tracy about the stalker, and everything that had happened over the last 4 months, and she said she would talk to Morgan

I also noticed Toni doesn’t mind someone violating Morgan’s HIPPA rights if the disclosure fits her need.

Tracy said she did talk to Morgan on Wednesday, November 30th that same day, and suggested that maybe she could give her a prescription for an anti-depressant to help her feel better, or possibly something to help her sleep.  Tracy said Morgan told her that she was not depressed at all, she was just very stressed out over the stalker, and medication wouldn’t help, and she did not need or want a prescription.  She also said Morgan expressed that she felt like things were moving in a positive direction (as far as the investigation), and was upbeat and hopeful things would be getting better.

I don’t care to reveal more about myself than necessary but I will say that I work in health care.  Based on my experience I am suspicious of the above exchange. Physicians tend to take these matters seriously.  Morgan was an adult.  Unless she signed a consent form authorizing it, I highly doubt Morgan’s doctor would have told Toni anything. 


1. Toni Ingram: MorganIngram.com and Morgan’s Stalking  2013



This is a screenshot of Morgan’s Tumblr page.  A few days after I made this, her mother gained access to the page and made permanent changes.

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