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Questions Morgan’s Friends Should Have Been Asked:

January 26, 2013

Sarah Afshar, who would like you to know she is NOT a hooker and NOT a terrorist recently interviewed Morgan Ingram’s friends.  You can read their fond remembrances here ,

Unfortunately Sarah’s piece is more biased propaganda than informative article. The only thing it is notable for are the questions not asked.

Had I been given the opportunity Sarah had,  I would have asked her friends the following:

What did Morgan tell you about her “stalker.?”

What do you think happened to Morgan?

To your knowledge did Morgan have any health issues?

What did Morgan say about her health problems?

How did Morgan feel about her mother?  Her father?

In the past year did Morgan appear anxious or agitated?

To your knowledge did Morgan suffer anxiety attacks?

Did Morgan ever appear confused or disoriented?

Are you aware of any issues that Morgan had with Brooke or Keenan?  Had she ever expressed dislike for Brooke or Keenan?

Nathan, in the past you and Brooke were friends, what is the current state of that relationship?  Do you think she would have or could have hurt Morgan?

Reality Check ~24 January 2013

Between lengthier messages, I plan to post a daily fact check/error/contradiction report of Morgan’s Stalking 

Readers: Please feel free to contribute when I miss something.  You can reply anonymously via Disqus which will be directly under this message.

From Morgan’s Stalking January 19, 2013

Toni Ingrim writes:

Morgan’s H.I.P.A.A. privacy rights have been so completely ignored in this investigation…..

Steve and I also checked with the local pharmacies and no hidden Morgan Ingram accounts.

Toni wants us to think she understands HIPAA but instead shows us she doesn’t understand HIPAA.

In fact, in an ironic twist, if we take Toni for her word, she has violated, or attempted to violate Morgan’s HIPAA rights more than the investigation.

Toni does not specify who ignored Morgan’s HIPAA rights but it seems safe to assume that since she is speaking in terms of the investigation, she must mean those who actively conducted the investigation, specifically detectives, the medical examiner and the coroner. In reality Morgan’s rights were not violated or ignored.  The investigators Toni castigates were acting within the law when they requested Morgan’s medical information.  Morgan’s doctors were acting within the law when they released Morgan’s PHI (protected health information) to investigators. 

Toni says she and Steve called local pharmacies looking for “hidden Morgan Ingram accounts,” and found none.  This is a complete lie.  Morgan was an adult.  No pharmacy that wants to remain compliant with the law would disclose this information. 

What Is Acute Intermittent Porphyria And Did Morgan Ingram Have It?

One of the unanswered questions surrounding the tragic death of Morgan Ingram is, did she have Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP) and if she did, why is it significant?

To answer the second question it is necessary to answer the first.  What is AIP and how does the condition affect the patient?

Acute Intermittent Porphyria (pronounced por FEER ee ah) is an autosomal dominant metabolic disorder affecting the production of heme, a compound that carries oxygen and gives blood its red color.  Making heme requires eight different enzymes.  Sufferers of AIP have a deficiency of porphobilinogen deaminase, (PBGD) the third in sequence of the enzymes required for heme synthesis.  Because the PBGD is deficient,  heme synthesis cannot finish and the metabolite, called porphobilinogen accumulates in the cytoplasm.  

Interestingly, the enzyme deficiency alone is not sufficient to produce the symptoms of AIP.  Other activating factors must be present.  These include some medications, illicit drugs, alcohol, luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, stress, smoking and diet. 

The majority of those who inherit the gene for AIP never develop symptoms.

Symptoms of AIP include the following:

  • severe abdominal pain                      
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • tachycardia (heart rate < 100 bpm)
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • disorientation
  • hallucination
  • paranoia

Toni Ingram has repeatedly said Morgan was not diagnosed with AIP.  She claims that Morgan’s health problems stemmed from long-term low level carbon monoxide poisoning that finally subsided years after the exposure, when she received hyperbaric oxygen treatments. This is complete fiction. The half-life of COHb is 4-6 hours, therefore a person being ill even a week beyond their last exposure is medically impossible. 

If Toni says Morgan did not have AIP, why does the rumor persist?  What evidence supports the AIP diagnosis?  First there is the fact that her father, Steven Ingram told Garfield County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Glassmire that Morgan was being worked up for AIP. He also said Morgan met all of the conditions of AIP and was being treated for the disease.

Furthermore, a confidential source has shared with us the following information:

  • In the last year of her life, Morgan was seen by the emergency department more than fifteen times for stomach pain.  In fact, Morgan presented to the ED with stomach pain just days before she died.  The doctor noted she was hallucinating and she thought she was being watched; both symptoms consistent with porphyria.   
  • Toni was very actively involved in Morgan’s medical treatment.  It was not unusual for her to try to direct Morgan’s medical care based on her own research.  She tried to have a standing order put into place with the ED for the medications she felt worked best for Morgan’s AIP attacks.
  • The only reason Morgan did not have a definitive diagnosis of AIP is because Toni refused the genetic test due to the high cost (though they were able to afford their rent in excess of $2500 per month, eating out several times a week, a Land Rover, I-phones and I-Macs).  [A definitive diagnosis of AIP could have opened up the option for Morgan to receive prophylactic infusions of heme].
  • Before The Ingrams decided Morgan was murdered, they insisted her stalking led to a stress induced AIP attack that killed her.

Now, where does this leave us?  What can we conclude?  Morgan was a regular visitor to the hospital’s emergency department; before Morgan died Toni insisted doctors treat her daughter for AIP, and  both Toni and Steve told investigators Morgan had AIP.  Based on this information it seems reasonable to conclude Morgan Ingram suffered from Acute Intermittent Porphyria; or at least Steve and Toni Ingram believed she did. 

The evidence supporting a presumptive AIP diagnosis is much stronger than evidence of a stalker. In fact, the AIP diagnosis explains the stalking. The tapping on the windows and the shadowy human form standing next to the patio were the product of paranoid hallucinations brought on by porphyria.  There was never a stalker. There was only an enigmatic sensitive girl trying to cope with horrific pain that could have been prevented if her mother had bothered to pursue a definitive diagnosis. 

Is it really so hard to believe that Morgan Ingram, faced with yet another agonizing porphyria attack and fearful of the stalker residing in her mind, in the briefest of moments lost sight of the big picture?  Isn’t it possible that this normally selfless exceptional girl took a handful of pills, not because she wanted to die, but because she wanted to make the pain stop?

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown Weighs In

Truth For Morgan would like to share with readers a Facebook exchange we had with Criminal Profiler Pat Brown.  This exchange took place early in the Morgan’s Stalking story, and as you will see, we were still trying to help Toni to get the investigation reopened.  Ms. Brown on the other hand, saw the story for exactly what it is and quickly cut to the chase.

September 10

Here is a case I thought you may find fascinating. The story is spreading thru fb [Facebook] and the parents are desperately trying to get answers as they are sure their daughter was murdered. The fax they received today on the AR [autopsy report] certainly points in that direction.I would love to hear you and Nancy debate this case.

September 10 Pat Brown
This is a suicide with a mom who refuses to believe it. There is no evidence of homicide or any stalker, just a parent who can’t accept the truth. I have had many cases just like this with all the evidence pointing to suicide but a parent who will insist for a decade that their child was murdered.

September 10
Thanks for your opinion Pat. Wow. Feel sorry for the mother. I don’t think she will ever accept that.

September 10 Pat Brown:
Probably not. But stalker (mysterious ones who have never been seen or made themselves known to their victim for a year) don’t break in without leaving a trace and somehow find the girls own medicine and force her to take it without leaving any sign of assault. Please. What we have here is a mother who either is blind as a bat to her daughter’s real psychology (or is hiding it from people – I usually find out that the supposed happy girl has real issues and sometimes left much written evidence of this) or mom is Munchhausen’s Syndrome – maybe even by Proxy – she should be a suspect if murder is a possibility) who is getting massive attention through her daughter and her daughter’s death. IF I were the police, I would make sure that child didn’t get overdosed by her own mother. Mom may be guilty ov nothing more than irrationality, but, then again, maybe there is something wrong with her. The really bad part is that she is going to harass and harass people for years with her claims and, really, outside of her doing her daughter in (she is the only one who could have given her daughter meds without her knowledge and cleaned up afterward), this case has zero signs of a stalker murderer.

Pat Brown may be contacted at

What Would Morgan Do?

Morgan Ingram was, by all accounts, an exceptional person.  One need not rely on the repository of misinformation known as Morgan’s Stalking to reach this conclusion. All it takes is trip through Morgan’s friend’s Facebook pages to understand just how significant an impact Morgan made on their lives:

No words can describe how i felt immediately once i heard this happened. Terrible blistering chills were sent through my body the rest of thee day, it is as if you were right there, watching me freeze, i miss you so bad and wish you were here to give me the heat and warmth you used to reflect, you still will, it just will never be the same. No words can say how much i loved and respected this beautiful woman, make her journey safe and peaceful as possible. RIP to one of the most beautiful nicest people i ever knew. Morgan प्राचिका Ingrim.

I love and already miss you.
Have a wonderful trip, you were and always will be in my heart.

Morgan प्राचिका Ingrim, you were an angel among the dammed. For so many years you were like a sister to me, i will always cherish the years i spent with you….i can’t believe that this happened to you, one of the greatest minds and biggest hearts i’ve ever had the pleasure of befriending, and you will be greatly missed. I wish you love and harmony along whatever leg of your journey you have reached. RIP.

RIP Morgan प्राचिका Ingrim you were one of the kindest people i ever met. i cant believe this happened. you will be missed more than you know.

More extensive investigation reveals Morgan to be a metaphorical Wendy Darling brought to Neverland to act as mother to the tribe of Lost Boys.  While the boys skateboarded she watched and knitted.  They called her skate fairy.  She taught them how to play The Game of Life.  She was the only one who knew the game rules, opted to take the road to college, and usually won.

Such an outpouring of love and affection from Morgan’s friends makes it safe to reason she was the kind of person we should all strive to be. 

This begs the question; would the kind of person who inspired so much devotion from her friends approve of the strategy embraced by her mother? Would Morgan support Toni’s association with a bullying band of high school dropouts whose tactics include lies, false accusations of child molestation, name-calling, and ridicule of physical appearance? 

I did not have the privilege to know Morgan Ingram.  I do not profess to know her thoughts or feelings.  What I do know is this:  The kind of person her friends describe would be heartbroken that such actions have been taken in her name; such a person would be appalled by Toni Ingram’s behavior; and such a person would be ashamed to call Toni Ingram mother. 

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