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Oh What A Tangled Web They Weave

Please read Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Redux for an update on this subject.

February 5, 2013

Toni’s blog post dated January 31, 2013 discusses the scholarship fund that was set up in Morgan’s name. This is a meaningful and positive way to remember Morgan and I encourage anyone who wants to honor her memory to consider making a contribution. Colorado Mountain College scholarship fund is a registered nonprofit foundation.  Donors can be confident their contribution will be used for the stated purpose. 

Unfortunately, contributors to The Morgan Ingram Foundation cannot be granted that same assurance.

The Ingram’s request for contributions has long been a topic of discussion forum debate.  Are they breaking any laws?  Are they grifters using the tragedy of their daughter’s death to scam the public?

I checked the Colorado Secretary of State and the IRS for The Morgan Ingram Foundation along with morganingram.com, Morgan’s Stalking and The Morgan Ingram Benefit fund.  I also searched Toni Ingram and Steven Ingram.  I was not able to find a nonprofit organization associated with any of those names.  The Morgan Ingram Foundation is not incorporated or registered in the state of Colorado and it is unknown to the IRS.

What does all this mean?  First let me stress I am not a lawyer.  What I am presenting is my understanding of what I have read. I strongly encourage readers to do their own research. 

To the best of my understanding, it is not against the law for private individuals to put a donation button on their webpage,  Soliciting money is considered protected speech.

However, it is against the law for private individuals, in this case Steve and Toni Ingram, to misrepresent themselves as a legitimate registered charity, solicit funds for that charity and use those funds to line their pockets. 

So yep, they’re breaking the law.

And on it goes…….

Questions Morgan’s Friends Should Have Been Asked:

January 26, 2013

Sarah Afshar, who would like you to know she is NOT a hooker and NOT a terrorist recently interviewed Morgan Ingram’s friends.  You can read their fond remembrances here , http://m.voices.yahoo.com/friends-remember-morgan-ingram-11978662.html

Unfortunately Sarah’s piece is more biased propaganda than informative article. The only thing it is notable for are the questions not asked.

Had I been given the opportunity Sarah had,  I would have asked her friends the following:

What did Morgan tell you about her “stalker.?”

What do you think happened to Morgan?

To your knowledge did Morgan have any health issues?

What did Morgan say about her health problems?

How did Morgan feel about her mother?  Her father?

In the past year did Morgan appear anxious or agitated?

To your knowledge did Morgan suffer anxiety attacks?

Did Morgan ever appear confused or disoriented?

Are you aware of any issues that Morgan had with Brooke or Keenan?  Had she ever expressed dislike for Brooke or Keenan?

Nathan, in the past you and Brooke were friends, what is the current state of that relationship?  Do you think she would have or could have hurt Morgan?

The beginning.

Toni Ingram began a blog cataloging the alleged stalking and harassment of her daughter, Morgan Jennifer Ingram, claiming that a group of teenagers and adults from their neighborhood were responsible for Morgan’s alleged murder.

Morgan Ingram’s death was ruled suicide.  Her cause of death was amitriptyline intoxication.

Because of the blog started by Mrs. Ingram, Brooke Nicole Harris and Keenan James Vanginkel’s names are forever linked to a murder they have been cleared of by Law Enforcement.

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