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Yesterday, May 20,2013, Toni Ingram tweeted 14 “clues” that she apparently thought were significant in relation to her daughter’s death.  By definition a clue is something that serves as a guide or aid in the solution of a problem or mystery.  Following that definition, these aren’t really clues.  None of these lead anywhere.

Below are Toni’s clues followed by my response.

Quotes are written by Toni Ingram and posted @morgansstalking:

Clue #1 Amitriptyline [sic] in the stomach is not related to PMR but Amitriptyline [sic] in the blood is subject to PER [sic]

Clue #2 How could a person have a blood level of 7900+ng in her blood, when 1,000 ng is lethal?

Clue #3 the amount of Amitriptyline [sic] in Morgan’s stomach fluid was not enough to kill her, but that is what the pathologist based suicide on

Clue #4 if you were a Forensic Toxicologist you would know why the date rape drugs in Morgan’s stomach fluid never made it in to her blood especially because one of those date rape drugs would have gone into the blood at the same time as the Amitriptyline [sic]

Clue #5 The Pathologist that did Morgan’s autopsy blames PMR for her high reading, but PMR kicks in at 24 hrs & goes for the next 24 hrs.

Clue #6 Pathol. est. Morgan took 18 pills, only accts for Ami in gastric not the 7909ng/ml found in her blood. 18-25 mg pills not lethal

I have grouped these first six together since they all concern amitriptyline.

This has all been addressed before, much of it in a previous blog, What Dr. Kurtzman Knew.  Either she does not understand the science or she refuses to accept it.  Toni claims they have consulted with several medical professionals but I find that claim highly suspect.  These first six “clues” show a complete lack of understanding for even basic pharmacology and organic chemistry.

One more time for those who joined us late:

Toxicity and absorption of drugs cannot be discussed without a basic understanding of pharmacogenetics.

Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic differences that affect an individual’s response to certain drugs. Different drugs undergo different metabolisms as a result of genetic variation, especially in the cytochrome p450 family of enzymes.  My point?  There are no absolutes.  It’s impossible to know Morgan’s cardiotoxic level without knowing if she was or was not deficient in the cytochrome P450 enzyme.

Cardiotoxic levels of amitriptyline generally occur between 450 ng/ml to 1,000 ng/ml.  Okay, so how did Morgan end up with a postmortem level of 7909 ng/ml.

First it is essential to understand that when medical professionals talk about the cardiotoxic level they mean antemortem, prior to death.  Antemortem levels are based on plasma, which is prepared by spinning down a fresh whole blood sample to remove the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. From a pharmacokinetic perspective, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are a tissue compartment.

As I mentioned in What Dr. Kurtzman Knew, amitriptyline is highly lipophilic (lipo=fat + philic=love of) and found in greater concentrations in both fat and protein than in plasma.  The human body begins autolysis, the breakdown of tissue, at the moment of death (the idea that this process waits 24 hours and ends 24 hours later, is laughable).  Amitriptyline, resides mostly in deep tissue compartments and is released into whole blood.

The result is the levels in the whole blood, which is what is used for a postmortem sample, will reflect concentrations from tissue, red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma and range from 5 to 10 times higher than the antemortem plasma concentration. In addition, there may be redistribution from other tissue compartments into the blood as the body decomposes.

Clue #6 [sic]  Morgan had an overkill dose of drugs in her blood, but no container or syringe was found anywhere in her room or in the house.

The “container” was the pill bottle next to her bed.

Clue #7 Morgan’s nails were torn on her right hand 1-1/2 years later nobody in GarCo can produce a picture from the crime scene of her nails.

According to the medical examiner, her nails were intact when Morgan left his morgue.

Case #11-29169

Det. Sergeant D. Breier

Unattended Death Report

She exhibited a small amount of blood in her mouth [pulminary edema]. There was a very small red mark on the right side of her forehead [lividity]; otherwise there was no apparent evidence of external trauma

Case # 11-29169

Detective J. A. LeMoine

Unattended Death Report

Once the Coroner arrived on scene the towel covering Morgan’s upper portion of her body was removed. Video and photographs of Morgan’s body were taken at this time. I did not observe any signs of trauma on Morgan at this time.

Clue #8 ALL of her jewelry of value went missing on the night she was killed while her #stalker frequents cash for gold establishments.

Toni concluded Morgan’s jewelry was missing only after she heard Keenan was picked up on a theft warrant.  These charges were later dropped.

Case #11-20197

Det. Robert Glassmire:

I explained to Toni that if she wants to report a theft of Morgan’s jewelry I would be happy to assist with that and either generate a new case or add it to the ongoing stalking case. I then told her that she would have to complete a list of stolen items and that she could not look at a list of items and determine what had been stolen from that list.

It should be noted that there is no information to believe that Keenan Vanginkel has stolen any of Morgan Ingram’s jewelry. Furthermore, Toni or Steve Ingram have yet to provide me with a list to base a theft report on.

Clue #9 Morgan’s #panic button was torn from its mount on her nightstand and found hidden in her room.

We only have Toni’s word on this and we all know what that’s worth.

Clue #10 The rain gutter directly over Morgan’s bedroom window was torn in half by repeated bending by her #stalker leaning over the edge!

The gutter was discovered long after the Ingram’s moved from the house.  If someone was leaning on the gutter it would bend, sag, or pull away from the house.  The gutter over Morgan’s windows appears split on a seam

Clue #11 Morgan’s room was completely disheveled with obvious signs of a struggle having taken place there

Case # 11-29169

Detective J. A. LeMoine

Unattended Death Report

During this time I observed that Morgan’s bedroom was disorganized with clothing and other items covering the majority of the floor. I observed that the adjoining bathroom to Morgan’s bedroom was in the same condition.

Did the struggle continue into the bathroom?   If Morgan fought off an attacker to the point that it left her room in disarray (Det. Sergeant Breier called it slovenly), how is it she bore no defensive wounds and her body showed no signs of trauma?  How is it this struggle was not heard by Steve and Toni Ingram?

Clue #12 Figures are caught three times outside the house by video surveillance on the night Morgan was killed.

Case #11-29169

Supplemental report #2

Det. Sergeant D. Breier

The residence has an installed video surveillance systems recorded by a DVR. The video was reviewed which showed the decedent (identified as Morgan Ingram) returning home around 2100 hours. There was no further activity until the decedent’s mother moved the vehicle she had parked in the driveway so emergency responders could access the house

Clue #13 The next door neighbor reported odd things going on in Morgan’s bathroom the night she was killed – but was never questioned

How did the neighbor know what happened in Morgan’s bathroom?  Surely Morgan would have her blinds drawn/shade pulled down etc.

Clue #14 Why would a person that does not know Morgan or her family & wasn’t involved in her stalking/murder be so invested in lying?

First:  I have never lied about Steve, Toni, or Morgan Ingram, Keenan, Brooke, or anyone else connected to this tragedy.  The Truth for Morgan group has NEVER harassed or bullied Steve or Toni Ingram or any of their supporters.  We don’t have to slander Jodin Davunt, Sarah Afshar, or Mark Mann et al.  They have successfully made themselves look far worse than we ever could.

When I discovered distortions and outright lies in the Morgan’s Stalking blog, lies of which Toni was made aware, I delayed exposing her faux pas, to give her every opportunity to correct or retract her mistakes (she didn’t).  Furthermore, I use proper blogging etiquette and strikethrough if I have to make changes, unlike Toni who completely deletes and rewrites posts on a whim.

Essentially Toni is asking why we we would bother to stick up for someone (Keenan Vanginkel) we do not know personally. In my opinion her inability to grasp the why factor is telling.

Toni Ingram has made it her life’s mission to ruin the lives of others based on faulty logic and substandard science.  There is absolutely no evidence that Keenan stalked or murdered Morgan, but that doesn’t matter to Toni.  She slanders and accuses any and all who dare to disagree with her, unfettered by morals or conscience.  The young people Toni bullies have barely crossed into adulthood.  Life is hard; Competition for opportunities to advance is greater than it ever was.  Toni Ingram is robbing these kids of their futures and limiting their opportunities by besmirching their names.

Someone has to stand up to her and say enough is enough

Why?  Because it is the right thing to do……

It’s that simple

Here We Go Again

May 15, 2013

by Shelby (not to be confused with MayraMM, Marcie Wogan, or Tricia Griffith)

It starts.

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The REAL Truth About Keenan Vanginkel’s Criminal History

May 13, 2013

By Shelby

Surprise!  Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal history barely resembles Toni Ingram’s description.

On 10 May 2013 Toni Ingram wrote:

Which brings up the third piece of advice which I have found to be a very informative, and a useful tool – that is to get the criminal records of the stalker, especially a stranger stalker.  As the claims that he has never been in trouble in his life grow ever louder from all of his family, the list of charges, for a twenty-one year old seem very, very, long.  And most all of the charges he has been found guilty of portend to a serious problem if connected with a stranger stalker, as they are in Morgan’s case.

Toni has written several times about Keenan’s so called criminal record. In the above quote and in previous blogs, she has consistently presented it as extensive.  Although she has not made that record available via Morgan’s Stalking, she has shared it through her Twitter sock account (@SupportIngrams) and with her Twitter followers  They in turn have made it publicly available through their hate sites and Twitter pages.  Readers who wish to see it may do so at one of the following Twitter account pages: (this is Toni Ingram)

It is located in the left hand column under “view all videos and photos.”

Here is the problem with this document:

It is not Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal record.

What Toni Ingram calls an extensive criminal record is actually a global subject activity report.   

The global subject activity report is a record of a citizen’s interaction with law enforcement.  The activity report can contain items unrelated to criminal activity.  For example, if I am a witness to a car accident or if I am stopped for speeding and given a warning, or even if I am the victim of a crime,  it would all be entered on my  global subject activity report,   A glance at Keenan Vanginkel’s GSAR shows multiple items where criminal charges weren’t applicable, including an impounded vehicle, witnessing a crime, and a trespassing accusation on Aug 25, 2011 courtesy of the Ingrams. 

Last week I ordered a copy of Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal history; his real criminal history.  I ordered it from CBI which is the agency Toni repeatedly has said should have been brought in to investigate Morgan’s death. 

Click here to see Keenan’s true criminal record.

Not exactly the record of a criminal mastermind ninja stalker.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised at the level to which Steve and Toni Ingram will sink, yet I am.  I just don’t understand what is wrong with these people.  How can Steve and Toni, along with those who actively lie on their behalf, stand the very sight of themselves? 

Just one last thing.

Of what charge was Keenan found guilty that “portends” predicts, foretells, prognosticates, or adumbrates, pick a word any of them will do, “a serious problem” if connected to a stranger stalker?  Tell us Toni, which one of Keenan’s crimes do you consider the great harbinger of future stalking events?  Was it the marijuana possession or was it the drug paraphernalia charge? 

If smoking pot leads to stalking, most residents of Colorado should watch their backs; they could find themselves on someone’s suspect list.


An Update (finally).

My apologies for not updating this blog these past two weeks.  I spent the last eight days exchanging emails with Tumblr support, trying to determine why I could no longer post to this blog.  MayraMM successfully logged in and posted and I was able to log in from work.  I’ll spare the details, but tech support concluded my IP was blocked from their end for no identifiable reason.  They called it “highly irregular” and said it warrants further investigation.

Based on Tumblr’s reaction, readers might be wondering if I think I was hacked.  My answer is no I don’t think so.  I think what happened was a careless data entry error on some level. 

Still, just in case this ever happens again, and in the interest of maintaining continuity, I set up a mirror on WordPress.  Readers can find it at

Check back often for more info and updates through the weekend.

Who’s Doing the Stalking? by MayraMM



Let’s take a look at Toni’s own timeline, and see who was doing the stalking, and who was being stalked:


·From the timeline the Ingrams sent to the police: (Starting page 48/220 of official reports found at

·        August 28, 2011:  “Steve observed the Black SUV with the broken back window on the corner of Corral Drive and the silver  car with the blacked out windows (the car Keenan was driving at the time) was in Jim’s driveway.”

·        September 1, 2011:  “Jarred (our grandson) comes over later that afternoon, looks at footprint, he thinks it looks like  an Etnie type shoe bottom.”  “Keenan drives by in his smaller silver car, Jarred  runs up to him in Jim’s driveway to ask if they need their lawn mowed (so he can get a look  at the shoes), Jarred says they look exactly like Purple Etnie’s.” (Note:  This is the start of Keenan being blamed; from shoes identified by a child, shoes the Ingrams’ own son also owns.)

·        September 3, 2011:  “Keenan’s car was in the driveway.”

·        September 30, 2011: “6:00 am Steve walks outside and checks and sees Keenan’s car is back in Jim’s driveway.”

·        October 1, 2011: “Toni and Steve observe the little green car in Jim’s driveway at 9:00 pm.”

·        October 13, 2011: “have not seen Keenan’s little green car lately”

·        October 14, 2011: “we hear from the neighbor Elliott Fey that _____ & Keenan broke up and Keenan has moved out of the house that he was staying in down the street from us.”

·        October 25, 2011: “We are driving through El Jebel City Market employee parking lot (behind City Market) every day at different  times (for the last 2 days so far) to try see if his car is there,”

·        November 5, 2011: “Danny (Morgan’s friend under the Facebook  name Ray Finkle) engages Keenan in a private Facebook talk.  Note Keenan’s replies were sent from his mobile phone.”[Unknown A1] 

·From revised timeline, starting on page 174/220:

·        August 31, 2011: (After the purple Etnies incident in first timeline, this was added to the second)“later on that night a little green Ford Fiesta is in its spot with paper plates” (referring to the place the silver car had been parked earlier that day.)

·        September 14, 2011: “Haven’t seen the Keenan’s little green car for a while” (Note in earlier timeline this comment was first made October 13)

·        October 2, 2011: “Morgan is woken up by loud stones against her window. Steve goes out after that to check and the little green car is gone. Rhonda sees the little green car drive up at around 10:30, she waits to see, but Keenan does not take the little ditty bag out this time.”

·        October 15, 2011: “Danny sleep over our house tonight. (is this the night that Danny sends a FB message to Keenan to leave Morgan alone?) (Implying the Facebook exchange occurred at the Ingram house, presumably under their supervision and cooperation.)

·        October 16, 2011: “Keenan writes on his Facebook page that he is now single and not in a relationship.”

·        October 18, 2011: “Steve has printout of picture that Keenan posted on his Facebook.”

·        November 6, 2011: “Keenan writes on his Facebook today that”

·        January 23, 2012: “Leesa calls Toni she says  she thought she saw Keenan drive by in his green car” “so she goes on Facebook, his privacy settings are now down, she sees a reference to being arrested and goes on line to the Post Independent to see if she can find something.”

·        February 1, 2012: “Toni meets with Todd Weldon in Aspen, but on the way there she drives behind City Market to look for Keenan’s car.” “Steve saw Keenan a couple of weeks ago at City Market  … but didn’t see his green car in the employee lot when he left.”

·        February 16, 2012: “Keenan’s court date”

·        February 27, 2012: “stopped by UPS to pick up mail on the way home, then got a feeling and went through the City Market parking lot to look for Keenan’s car.  His car was there

·Email to police dated September 1, 2011: (Page 219/220 of official reports found at   “These pictures were taken before July 20th. He doesn’t have blond hair in any of them, but when my mother was talking to a neighbor this morning he said the Keenan’s hair was blonde so I’m unsure if he’s dyed it or not. I haven’t seen any of them in quite come time. – Morgan” (This email was sent from Toni’s work email, not Morgan’s home email. The typos and lack of commas is consistent with Toni’s style of writing, and “the Keenan” is a typo Toni had made in another email.  Also, it’s interesting that in September, Morgan is claiming not to have seen Keenan in quite a while.)

·Email to police dated October 9, 2011: (Page 13/220 of official reports found at

·        “Last night 9:00 pm Kennan’s car was in the driveway. Then last night Steve and I watched and waiting between 11:00 – 11:30 pm after Morgan came home but we did not hear or see anything.”

·        “We slept in the morning, and around 9:45 am we decided we would check to see if Keenan’s car was in his driveway – it wasn’t.”

·        “Then I remembered last weekend Rhonda said she saw him drive up around 10:30 am so we decided to wait and see.”

·From email to police dated October 26, 2011: (Page 16/220 of official reports found at  “We are driving through El Jebel City Market employee parking lot (behind City Market) every day at different  times (for the last 2 days so far) to try see if his car is there,”

·November 5, 2011: Facebook interaction.  (See pages 43/47/220 of official reports found at

·From email to police dated April 12, 2012: (Page 206/220 of official reports found at  “I have been trying to obtain a copy of Keenan’s arrest report.”


It’s worthwhile, as well, comparing the original timeline to the “revised” timeline, and then to Toni Ingram’s blog.  For instance, on August 29, originally there is no mention of noises on the roof.  But on the second timeline, August 29 mentions Toni hearing “scratching above the ceiling going from room to room”.  Another example is on October 19, originally there is the claim that someone is seen walking down the sidewalk in the surveillance video.  In the second timeline, the words “it looks like Keenan” are added. 

Keep an eye out for another blog highlighting discrepancies between the two timelines, as well as the blog.

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