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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome new visitors.  If you have come here seeking info surrounding the tragic death of Morgan Ingram, the following links will provide you with the most relevant unbiased information available:

Stalking: Incident, Police and Supplemental Reports.

Unattended Death Report, Autopsy, and Toxicology.

Revised Autopsy

I suggest you read these factual reports before you read anything else.

Next I recommend you check out the Websleuths forum thread:

The Stalking and Mysterious Death of Morgan Ingram

This thread begins in September of 2012 and presents the best opportunity to follow in (quasi) real time as Toni Ingram told her story to a captivated audience. Despite Toni Ingram’s claims to the contrary, the Websleuths community was sympathetic and supportive, until the truth became all too clear, and, after 2773 pages, the thread was closed.

That should get you started.

Finding Morgan

In or around August 2012, and with the blessing of Toni and Steve Ingram, Websleuths looked into the death of Morgan Ingram. Rather quickly a resourceful member discovered Morgan’s online user name of choice: xchaoticneurosis. With that bit of info we were off and running. It didn’t take long to realize Morgan had left a significant online footprint. Of the many online accounts, two were especially enlightening.

The first is Morgan’s account at Listeners can stream or create what my generation referred to as a mixed tape. Along with musical content, users add context with description and art, Morgan left so much of herself here. Heart breaking and bittersweet; I strongly urge readers to check it out:

The other discovery that provided insight was, of course, Morgan’s photo bucket. Through photographs we saw a happy, energetic, goofy, attractive girl with wonderful fashion sense and a lot of friends doing what people in their late teens and early twenties do. After Websleuths linked to the photo bucket account in their forum, Toni gained access and went into image control mode. What was left was a scrubbed and sanitized version of Morgan. Because Morgan was an adult and was capable of making decisions in her own best interest, I was irritated by Toni’s actions. Luckily, I was able to rebuild the photo bucket page from my cache and it remained on the web until Toni filed a DMCA notice in March of 2013. Read about it here:

To get to the point, I am happy to inform everyone that Morgan’s photo bucket content is again available online. I apologize in advance for the crappy format but it was the only way I could post the photos anonymously. The hosting is offshore and they say they ignore DMCA complaints, so we’ll see how it goes.

The link is in the top menu, or just click here:

Edited to add link.  Duh!

It was only a matter of time.

The REAL Truth About Keenan Vanginkel’s Criminal History

May 13, 2013

By Shelby

Surprise!  Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal history barely resembles Toni Ingram’s description.

On 10 May 2013 Toni Ingram wrote:

Which brings up the third piece of advice which I have found to be a very informative, and a useful tool – that is to get the criminal records of the stalker, especially a stranger stalker.  As the claims that he has never been in trouble in his life grow ever louder from all of his family, the list of charges, for a twenty-one year old seem very, very, long.  And most all of the charges he has been found guilty of portend to a serious problem if connected with a stranger stalker, as they are in Morgan’s case.

Toni has written several times about Keenan’s so called criminal record. In the above quote and in previous blogs, she has consistently presented it as extensive.  Although she has not made that record available via Morgan’s Stalking, she has shared it through her Twitter sock account (@SupportIngrams) and with her Twitter followers  They in turn have made it publicly available through their hate sites and Twitter pages.  Readers who wish to see it may do so at one of the following Twitter account pages: (this is Toni Ingram)

It is located in the left hand column under “view all videos and photos.”

Here is the problem with this document:

It is not Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal record.

What Toni Ingram calls an extensive criminal record is actually a global subject activity report.   

The global subject activity report is a record of a citizen’s interaction with law enforcement.  The activity report can contain items unrelated to criminal activity.  For example, if I am a witness to a car accident or if I am stopped for speeding and given a warning, or even if I am the victim of a crime,  it would all be entered on my  global subject activity report,   A glance at Keenan Vanginkel’s GSAR shows multiple items where criminal charges weren’t applicable, including an impounded vehicle, witnessing a crime, and a trespassing accusation on Aug 25, 2011 courtesy of the Ingrams. 

Last week I ordered a copy of Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal history; his real criminal history.  I ordered it from CBI which is the agency Toni repeatedly has said should have been brought in to investigate Morgan’s death. 

Click here to see Keenan’s true criminal record.

Not exactly the record of a criminal mastermind ninja stalker.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised at the level to which Steve and Toni Ingram will sink, yet I am.  I just don’t understand what is wrong with these people.  How can Steve and Toni, along with those who actively lie on their behalf, stand the very sight of themselves? 

Just one last thing.

Of what charge was Keenan found guilty that “portends” predicts, foretells, prognosticates, or adumbrates, pick a word any of them will do, “a serious problem” if connected to a stranger stalker?  Tell us Toni, which one of Keenan’s crimes do you consider the great harbinger of future stalking events?  Was it the marijuana possession or was it the drug paraphernalia charge? 

If smoking pot leads to stalking, most residents of Colorado should watch their backs; they could find themselves on someone’s suspect list.


An Update (finally).

My apologies for not updating this blog these past two weeks.  I spent the last eight days exchanging emails with Tumblr support, trying to determine why I could no longer post to this blog.  MayraMM successfully logged in and posted and I was able to log in from work.  I’ll spare the details, but tech support concluded my IP was blocked from their end for no identifiable reason.  They called it “highly irregular” and said it warrants further investigation.

Based on Tumblr’s reaction, readers might be wondering if I think I was hacked.  My answer is no I don’t think so.  I think what happened was a careless data entry error on some level. 

Still, just in case this ever happens again, and in the interest of maintaining continuity, I set up a mirror on WordPress.  Readers can find it at

Check back often for more info and updates through the weekend.

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