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Who’s Writing The Morgan’s Stalking Blog?

February 27, 2013

I’ve noticed something odd in the MS blog.  It seems to go from first person to third person and back again..  It’s annoying as hell and makes me wonder if it’s sloppy writing/editing on Toni’s part, or if she has hired a ghost writer and he or she occasionally forgets to write from Toni’s perspective.

Here are a few examples:

Morgan’s older sister {notice she never calls her older daughter by name} comes in my office this morning to tell me that Morgan’s cat Mogwai looks like he is trying to tell her something, and is very distressed.  Steve tells Toni to call our friend the pet communicator.  Toni makes the call, and hears back 20 minutes later.  She works with Mogwai, and tells me he is upset because he was watching Morgan suffer and die, she said he saw her struggle, and couldn’t do anything to help her, he was upset that the puppy was asleep (was the puppy drugged?).  He is just a cat you know, and wouldn’t have been able to help her.  

This was posted today:

Thursday, January 05, 2012 – I spoke with Dr. Tracy Simms today, Morgan’s OB/GYN. This is the first time I have actually spoken with Dr. Simms since Morgan died. Morgan and I both went to see Dr. Simms for our Annual exams on Wednesday, November 30th in Grand Junction (she was the last doctor to see Morgan 36 hours before she was killed on Thursday night, December 1st, she died sometime before 6:00 am Friday morning, December 2nd when I found her). I saw Dr. Simms before Morgan, for my appointment and asked that she might take a look at Morgan, because Morgan looked so exhausted and pale. Toni explained to Tracy about the stalker, and everything that had happened over the last 4 months, and she said she would talk to Morgan

I also noticed Toni doesn’t mind someone violating Morgan’s HIPPA rights if the disclosure fits her need.

Tracy said she did talk to Morgan on Wednesday, November 30th that same day, and suggested that maybe she could give her a prescription for an anti-depressant to help her feel better, or possibly something to help her sleep.  Tracy said Morgan told her that she was not depressed at all, she was just very stressed out over the stalker, and medication wouldn’t help, and she did not need or want a prescription.  She also said Morgan expressed that she felt like things were moving in a positive direction (as far as the investigation), and was upbeat and hopeful things would be getting better.

I don’t care to reveal more about myself than necessary but I will say that I work in health care.  Based on my experience I am suspicious of the above exchange. Physicians tend to take these matters seriously.  Morgan was an adult.  Unless she signed a consent form authorizing it, I highly doubt Morgan’s doctor would have told Toni anything. 


1. Toni Ingram: and Morgan’s Stalking  2013                       

Reality Check: February 25, 2013

On February 23, 2013 Toni Ingram wrote:

This is our first New Year without Morgan – we cried a lot today. Detective Rob & Megan were supposed to come over today, but didn’t make it.

According to supplemental report #14 in the felony stalking case file Detectives Glassmire and Alsatt did indeed keep their appointment with the Ingrams.  Toni presented the detectives with “evidence” she and Steve collected.   After leaving the Ingrams Detectives Glassmire and Alsatt went to the home of “Nina,” to question her, based on info provided by Leesa Weist.

Supplement Report #14
January 3, 2012

Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative:
1. Follow up with Ingrams on January 1, 2012.
2. Interview with Leylani B**** R**** (DOB 03/11/1991 (Nina) on January 2, 2012.

On January 1, 2012, Detective Alstatt and I met with Toni and Steve Ingram at their home. They provided me with miscellaneous items that they felt could be important. The items included things that were collected from around the house such as papers, hairs, and other items that would generally included trash. The Ingrams conceded that it might have no relevance to the case but thought that it was important to provide it to me for my determination as to its relevance. I feel that since it was provided it is important to maintain it as evidence since I do not know the items relevance at this point.

Therefore, I placed the items in a single evidence bag and submitted them to evidence.

The Ingrams also had a concern that the suspect(s) may have left fingerprints on a Land Rover parked in the driveway. There is video evidence of what appears to be a person crouched near back of the Land Rover. I examined the Land Rover, did not see the presence of latent prints, and noted no ignificant areas where latent prints would be recovered. The video that I referred to was captured several months ago and since then the weather has provided cold temperatures, rain, and snow.

Detective Alstatt and I then left the residence stopping by the home of Leylani “Nina” B**** R****. We left a business card with Nina’s father and asked that he have her call me. In supplemental 13, I wrote that Ryan Ingram’s girlfriend had told me about how Nina had come over to the house and she acted fidgety when asked about whom the stalker was. Nina apparently said that if it was K**** or B**** they were just playing around.

My purpose for trying to find Nina was so that I could interview her. Nina did call me on January 1, 2012 and we set up an interview for January 2, 2012 at 1230. Detective Alstatt and I met with Nina at that time and interviewed her at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office interview room. The interview was recorded and lasted about 16 minutes. The following is a summary of the interview and the interview should be viewed for a better understanding.

I spoke with Nina about how she knew Morgan and she explained that she went to school with Morgan on and off during their adolescent years. Nina said that they also lived near each other at several different locations.

Page: 42 of 60

Nina said that she had not talked with Morgan in depth over the last few years but she had seen her from time to time, the most recent being a few days before her death. Nina said that the conversation was short and they talked about how they should get together soon.

I spoke with Nina about what she thought about the stalking case and she said that she didn’t have any real plausible explanations. Nina explained that she thought it might have been a boyfriend that was jealous but she learned that Morgan did not have any bad relationships with ex-boyfriends. Nina also said she thought it might be some friends playing a joke but Nina said she figured if it was friends then they would have stopped after the police were called.

I spoke with Nina about her thoughts as they related to B**** H**** or K**** V**** and she said that if it was them they were playing a joke. Nina said she doesn’t know K**** well but she did not think B**** would have done something like that. Nina said that B**** and Morgan were friends at one point but did not think that they ended their relationship in a good way. Nina said that B**** went to rehab at the age of 13.

Overall, Nina provided a consistent statement and I did not feel that she was strongly opinionated about who the stalker could be. Nina seemed very neutral. The interview ended.

The case is still active.

Item 12 – Items from around the house. I collected the item on January 1, 2011, maintained in my vehicle until January 3, 2011 when I submitted it into evidence locker 7 at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Annex.
Item 13 – DVD of interview with Nina collected on January 2, 2012. The interview was submitted to evidence on January 3, 2012 at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office annex.

This is a screenshot of Morgan’s Tumblr page.  A few days after I made this, her mother gained access to the page and made permanent changes.

Oh What A Tangled Web They Weave

Please read Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Redux for an update on this subject.

February 5, 2013

Toni’s blog post dated January 31, 2013 discusses the scholarship fund that was set up in Morgan’s name. This is a meaningful and positive way to remember Morgan and I encourage anyone who wants to honor her memory to consider making a contribution. Colorado Mountain College scholarship fund is a registered nonprofit foundation.  Donors can be confident their contribution will be used for the stated purpose. 

Unfortunately, contributors to The Morgan Ingram Foundation cannot be granted that same assurance.

The Ingram’s request for contributions has long been a topic of discussion forum debate.  Are they breaking any laws?  Are they grifters using the tragedy of their daughter’s death to scam the public?

I checked the Colorado Secretary of State and the IRS for The Morgan Ingram Foundation along with, Morgan’s Stalking and The Morgan Ingram Benefit fund.  I also searched Toni Ingram and Steven Ingram.  I was not able to find a nonprofit organization associated with any of those names.  The Morgan Ingram Foundation is not incorporated or registered in the state of Colorado and it is unknown to the IRS.

What does all this mean?  First let me stress I am not a lawyer.  What I am presenting is my understanding of what I have read. I strongly encourage readers to do their own research. 

To the best of my understanding, it is not against the law for private individuals to put a donation button on their webpage,  Soliciting money is considered protected speech.

However, it is against the law for private individuals, in this case Steve and Toni Ingram, to misrepresent themselves as a legitimate registered charity, solicit funds for that charity and use those funds to line their pockets. 

So yep, they’re breaking the law.

And on it goes…….

Reality Check

January 31, 2013

My sincerest apology for not posting everyday as I intended.  It is not because I lack material! 

I hope to have some more informational material posted in the next few days and hopefully I will become more consistent with observational/anecdotal items. 

More bullshit from Toni Ingram’s All About Me blog:

From January 22, 2013

In another twist of fate, which has come to be expected in Morgan’s case, her memorial was held at the same place where K attended grade school.  Former classmates, and teachers all remembered him well.  Not for being “squeaky clean” as his “manager” at City Market told the detective, but for his behavioral issues, his violence, and bullying, and what was described as “a strange creepiness”.  It seems that even way back then K was establishing a reputation.

How considerate of K’s former classmates and teachers to drop by and dish at Morgan’s memorial service. 

I’m amazed by the level of commitment the school had toward K.  In my experience parochial schools do not keep problem students around.  They simply are not interested nor are they equipped to handle discipline cases.

From January 20, 2013

Morgan’s bedroom door still had its piece of police crime scene tape on it and I called the detectives about it.  At first we were told if we could leave it for two weeks that would be good, but now if we needed to go in we could.

From January 22, 2013

We had the OK to go back into her room and had so far only gone in to check on her cat.  We had gone through the cameras quickly to see if there was any very obvious event to be reported immediately, but there was not.  It was just too painful to watch them, so it was very cursory at best.

Let me get this straight.  The cat was locked in Morgan’s room behind crime scene tape?  A room where the Ingrams believe a crime occurred? 

Maybe I’m making too much out of this but it’s just odd.  Either Steve and Toni Ingram let the cat remain in a room they were not authorized to access for two weeks or they put the cat in Morgan’s room after they got the early okay to remove the tape.

Just for a moment, let’s drink the kool-aid:  An invisible ninja stalker who can pass through walls sneaked in without making a sound and killed Morgan.   Ninja Stalker is apprehended and brought to trial.  Evidence of Ninja Stalker is completely inadmissible because the the cat CONTAMINATED the crime scene!!

From January 19, 2013

The photo of Morgan that accompanies this blog post is bittersweet; it’s adorable and absolutely heart breaking.

And of course in the entire course of this investigation the container that held this concoction of five date rape drugs is not found.  Disappeared.  If you think, how can this be?  Steve and I wake up every morning and ask ourselves that very question.

I’m dumbfounded by this question.  I have to be honest, my first thought was how can anyone be this obtuse?   Time for another round of kool-aid.  Invisible Ninja Stalker was able to enter the Ingram home without detection, incapacitate Morgan without leaving a mark, find out what meds Morgan had been prescribed, obtain the drug, force it down her throat, undress and redress her, and last but not least escape without detection by dogs, parents, motion detectors and cameras.  Obviously this guy is one of the most sophisticated criminal minds of the century.  Certainly a criminal genius of this level would not carelessly leave behind any evidence to indicate he was there. 

(Psst.. the real answer is there was no container because there was no stalker).

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