These are the official investigative reports Truth For Morgan has.

It is worth noting that Toni Ingram has accused Truth For Morgan of editing and redacting these reports.  This is absolutely not true.   The redaction was made by the Garfield County Sheriff’s office and consists of some names and addresses.

Stalking: Incident, Police and Supplemental Reports.

Unattended Death Report, Autopsy, and Toxicology.

Revised Autopsy

Keenan Vanginkel’s Criminal Record

  • Toni Ingram has continuously misrepresented Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal history.  This is his actual criminal record obtained from Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

11 responses

  1. You are a hoodlum too. Evil. ALL of you move back to where you came.

    1. If providing factual police reports that allow the reader to reach his or her own informed opinion is evil then I guess I’m guilty.

  2. Well, my opinion is that he jumped into her life began to terrorize her fucked up somehow and for or with someone murdered her and sold the jewelry someone there must have taken from her room. That whole being on the roof thing just jars me. Same experience I had with the same people.

    1. So now Keenan is stalking you too? I hadn’t heard he left Colorado. Have you contacted Toni? I’m sure she will want this information.

    2. Creepy.

  3. Munchousen By Proxy is a frightening illness.

    1. That’s my take on it as well. Poor Morgan. Poor family…very sad.

  4. None of the reports will open 😦

  5. Dear Toni. Please seek help! It is obvious that you suffer severe mental illness, but please seek help, so you don’t drive the few pple around you crazy.
    Instead of destroying Morgan’s memory further, let go and have faith in what will come.
    The truth will set you free. 💚

  6. I can’t even begin… Toni is dillusional. She must think that having a daughter who suffered from depression and who tried to escape her overbearing mother is a bad reflection on her. Why else would she hang on so tighlty to her own “truth” in light of all the actual evidence. And why… WHY isnt Steve saying anything? It seems like he knew his daughter better than Toni–or at least Morgan had a more favorable relationship with him–he just goes along with all this madness and hatred Toni is spewing. I do not understand why or how other people do not see that Toni’s story makes NO SENSE and why they believe her and are so hateful to others who call her out on the BS. So frustrating! Poor Morgan!

  7. I watched Suspicion on Investigation ID. I am extremely disappointed that a TV station I respected could put forth an episode that was so blatantly biased in favor of Toni. I’ve read all the reports and in no way am I convinced that Keenan ever did anything to Morgan or her family. It seems that Toni latched on to the only option for her to explain to herself what was happening, and just couldn’t let it go, no matter how implausible and disproved it was. Do I believe something was going on? Yes. Do I believe it was perpetrated by Keenan? From all information I’ve seen and eead, no.

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