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Criminal Profiler Pat Brown Weighs In

Truth For Morgan would like to share with readers a Facebook exchange we had with Criminal Profiler Pat Brown.  This exchange took place early in the Morgan’s Stalking story, and as you will see, we were still trying to help Toni to get the investigation reopened.  Ms. Brown on the other hand, saw the story for exactly what it is and quickly cut to the chase.

September 10

Here is a case I thought you may find fascinating. The story is spreading thru fb [Facebook] and the parents are desperately trying to get answers as they are sure their daughter was murdered. The fax they received today on the AR [autopsy report] certainly points in that direction.I would love to hear you and Nancy debate this case.


September 10 Pat Brown
This is a suicide with a mom who refuses to believe it. There is no evidence of homicide or any stalker, just a parent who can’t accept the truth. I have had many cases just like this with all the evidence pointing to suicide but a parent who will insist for a decade that their child was murdered.

September 10
Thanks for your opinion Pat. Wow. Feel sorry for the mother. I don’t think she will ever accept that.

September 10 Pat Brown:
Probably not. But stalker (mysterious ones who have never been seen or made themselves known to their victim for a year) don’t break in without leaving a trace and somehow find the girls own medicine and force her to take it without leaving any sign of assault. Please. What we have here is a mother who either is blind as a bat to her daughter’s real psychology (or is hiding it from people – I usually find out that the supposed happy girl has real issues and sometimes left much written evidence of this) or mom is Munchhausen’s Syndrome – maybe even by Proxy – she should be a suspect if murder is a possibility) who is getting massive attention through her daughter and her daughter’s death. IF I were the police, I would make sure that child didn’t get overdosed by her own mother. Mom may be guilty ov nothing more than irrationality, but, then again, maybe there is something wrong with her. The really bad part is that she is going to harass and harass people for years with her claims and, really, outside of her doing her daughter in (she is the only one who could have given her daughter meds without her knowledge and cleaned up afterward), this case has zero signs of a stalker murderer.

Pat Brown may be contacted at patbrown@patbrownprofiling.com

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