Wow. Just… Wow.

I had quite a “holy shit” moment today. I had the television on, not really watching mind you, just for background noise. Suddenly something made me look up at the TV screen.  It was only a commercial for a program called Suspicion, a new “true crime” series on Investigation Discovery.  Still, something about it caught my attention and I stopped to take notice.  After a moment I realized I recognized the voice doing the commercial. I don’t mean recognized like one would recognize a celebrity voice.  I mean recognize like I know that person, the one telling her alleged story and claiming to be the victim.

Here’s a bit about the series:–3639/

It’s human nature to question things – especially when your safety may be at risk – but when a grim suspicion turns into a horrid reality, it may be time to take things into your own hands. Investigation Discovery’s (ID) new series SUSPICION reveals the terrifying journeys of real people who suspected imminent danger and became fixated on finding the truth. From stalkers to criminal cover-ups and killers on the loose, the stories in SUSPICION start building suspense from the moment something feels amiss. Emotional first-person interviews detail the endless twists and turns that come with following a dangerous hunch, leaving viewers anxious to learn who the culprit is until the very end. Did I really just see that?  Will anyone believe me?  Am I imagining things?  Can I trust anyone?  Nothing is as it seems and everyone is a suspect……

Scrolling down a bit to the description of the September 9 episode:

“Edge of Insanity”  Premieres Wednesday, September 9 at 10/9c Toni Ingram resides in a quiet town with her husband Steve and their 19-year-old daughter, Morgan. But the peaceful neighborhood is shaken with fear after a series of local robberies. Soon after that, the Ingram family experiences a suspicious character circling their home, and Morgan becomes the next target. Threatening behavior quickly escalates into stalking, and Morgan battles to keep hold of her sanity as her hooded tormentor closes in. Location: Carbondale, Colorado

And there you have it folks.  I’ll try to reserve judgement until I see the program, but on the surface it appears that fact checking isn’t high on Discovery ID’s priority list.  Either that or they’re presenting it as dramatic fiction.

More on this soon.


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  1. I watched the episode. Nothing but more lies. This is Melissa Dawn for those I was in contact with throughout this thing starting on Websleuths. Anyway, now apparently the stalker had a stake-out area with a chair and everything? Yet none of that is mentioned in any of the police reports. And now she’s back to the injection of amitriptyline and 5 date rape drugs. I love true crime shows, but now I’m questioning every single one of them after the incredibly ignorant job done on this case.

  2. Has anyone contacted ID Discovery about this? I just watched the show and the mother and her claim of murder was so bizarre and unbelievable that I searched Google and sure enough found the truth here. Terrible fact checking for sure!

  3. You said you recognised the voice? Did you know the Ingram family? After her death, did the stalking just stop?

  4. I watched the episode, and my first and primary thought was: What kind of batshit crazy is this mother? No wonder Morgan had problems – Toni would drive anyone crazy. The story she told did not really make much sense, and her hysterical over the top response to everything and anything made any detail look bogus. “The neighborhood had changed.” In what way? There was a break in next door. Okay, but that is somewhat standard.

    That poor girl. Maybe she just wanted to get away from mom. The only good thing about the episode is that Toni is her own worst representative.

  5. I’d love to see your full write-up on this episode! My favorite part, I think, was the “footage of the stalker,” which looked nothing like the images I’ve seen–standing there waving his arms at the camera like a physical taunt.

    I found this case on Reddit a week or so ago and have been fascinated by it ever since, working my way through Toni’s blog and the Websleuths thread semi-simultaneously. I have a loose theory myself, which is that some of the window-tapping/motion lights/figures walking through the yard were Morgan’s friends, or possibly related to drug dealing. M had a medical marijuana script but wasn’t smoking it herself, so was she selling it or giving it to friends? Might someone have tapped on her window to collect it once or twice, or come up to pass things through her window? When I was a teenager my friends would come to my bedroom window all the time, rather than knocking on the front door, simply because my stepmother was horrible and no one wanted to have to greet her/talk to her. Plus, a girl that age forced to be home by ten or eleven at night so her mother can go to bed might sneak out after the parents are asleep. What teenager hasn’t done that at least once or twice?

    Anyway. IF I’m correct and even some of it was M or her friends…she was about to go make a videotaped statement to the police. She may have felt she was going to be forced to confess that she knew who was behind some of the trouble, and that it was harmless, and that such a confession was going to get her in enormous trouble with her mother and father and possibly other family members and the law. That might well be enough to set a young sensitive girl thinking, “There’s no way out.”

    I feel awful for Toni and the whole family. I have two girls, and one of mine is a Morgan! But because of that I think about the things I would do in this case, like getting a frigging gun and sitting up all night watching/waiting. I certainly wouldn’t be leaving windows open or letting my daughter go wandering around places by herself at night. I can’t imagine being in that position but deciding it was more important to get a good night’s sleep than to sit in the dark with my gun, ready to shoot when the stalker showed up (and I don’t even mean shoot him, necessarily, but shoot AT him and see if that’s enough to scare him off for good–though if it didn’t scare him off, next time I wouldn’t aim for the tree next to him). I get that the Ingrams don’t seem like the smartest people in the world, but sheesh, their actions were so ineffectual, like it wasn’t a big deal, and I don’t understand that. The guy across the street offered to let M go over there, wouldn’t you at least, as a parent, go there yourself and watch your house one night–all night?

    The first thing I did after reading the Reddit thread was listen to Toni’s interview on the True Crime podcast, and even there her story changed from the one on her blog (like the sliding glass door keys, which she claimed on the podcast she didn’t know about but on her blog it’s very early on that she mentions the lock being “broken.” And if they changed all the locks, why does she still think the head of the HOA would have had keys to her house? And why does she not mention that the numberpad lock also requires a key, in addition to the code?

    The whole thing is a mess. I think it’s entirely possible that maybe someone played a few pranks on the Ingrams early on, but to accuse kids of stalking and murder based on the testimony of a psychic medium (never wrong! Uh-huh, sure), a “pet communicator” (lol), and a parent who can’t seem to remember her story from one minute to the next is ridiculous.

    Anyway, again, looking forward to your full comments on this episode, hope they are up soon.

  6. One more thing…amitriptyline creates tolerance in the user. My sister is a nurse and has told me numerous times about how people develop tolerance to medications, which means they can take enough to kill a person who has never taken such a drug before with nary an effect at all, much less a serious negative one. That could easily account for the high level of the drug in M’s blood. This possibility seems never to be accounted for, either by Toni or anyone else (that I’ve seen so far, but I’m not too far along in the blog/WS site yet).

  7. Toni Ingram is a grieving but SICK individual.

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