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Mark Mann/Mark Jorgensen


And some pretend to be younger guys.  Look at Mark Mann.


Because the FBI totally tells you when someone calls them about you

How that message might sound:

Uh….yes …..hello?  This is the FBI.  Marcie Wogan called us and said you were wanted Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.  It’s probably a misunderstanding but…..uh..we need to make sure.  We’d like to swing by  and clear things up……uh….say around lunch time? Okay….thanks…bye.

Tweets From Jodin Davunt:

Jodin’s mom and dad must be proud. /sarcasm

Actually, as a parent, I feel badly for Jodin’s parents, Michael Patrick Davis and Renee Suzannah Trunt (DAVis + trUNT = Davunt)  Not because their thirty-some year old son is divorced, living in their basement, and working a dead end job, All parents want their children to be financially independent and successful, but material possessions don’t really matter.  When it’s all said and done, parents want to know their children are kind, honest and decent people.  Jodin’s parents don’t have that comfort.

Große Lüge

Morgan Was Murdered (SupportIngrams) on Twitter_2013-03-19

German for big lie.  It is a propaganda technique straight from the pages of  Mein Kampf. Hitler wrote about a lie so “colossal” no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”  Looks like the trolls have embraced the technique.

Morgan NEVER said Keenan stalked her.  Read the reports.

This entire page disappeared from Morgan’s Stalking.  I guess Toni doesn’t want anyone to see that Websleuths owner Tricia was kind and sympathetic  during this interview.  After all, how would it look if people knew Toni’s Army of Trolls is actively cyber bullying a woman who showed nothing but compassion to the Ingrams.

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