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Mayra’s “New Buddy”

This blog is long overdue for an update which I will try to write sometime this week.

In the meantime I want to make available these messages Ryan Ingram left for Mayra Martinez on her voice mail. (SEE BELOW)

Poor Ryan, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy.  He probably doesn’t realize he’s a victim of his mother’s pathology.

…..and Ryan?  Don’t call and harass Mayra for my actions.  She doesn’t write this blog.  If you want to talk someone drop me an email at tfmtumblr@gmail.com and I’ll reply with my number.

Voicemail from Ryan Ingram #1

Voicemail from Ryan Ingram #2

Voicemail from Ryan Ingram #3

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Tonight, before going to bed, I planned to do a quick update (hence the title), but then I decided to check the Morgan’s Stalking blog.  Two words: big mistake.. 

A couple of things required an immediate response:


Surprisingly Dr. Dobersen had been able to tell me quite a lot with very little information.  He assured me that Dr. Kurtzman (the forensic pathologist that did Morgan’s autopsy) could not put Porphyria down as a cause of death if Morgan had never been diagnosed with it by a medical doctor in her lifetime, it was required, and of course she was had not been diagnosed with it. 

I’ve read some incredibly ignorant things on the Morgan’s Stalking blog but I think the above statement could very well top the list. 

Obviously Toni thinks her supporters will chow down on whatever crap du jour she whips up.  Who knows, maybe they will.   Luckily some of us know Insane Troll Logic when we see it. 

NEWS FLASH TONI: Autopsies are usually performed when the decedent’s cause of death is unknown.  An undiagnosed condition is one of several things looked for.  In fact, 40 percent of autopsies performed in the U.S. reveal an undiagnosed condition as contributing to or causing death. 

Whatever the case, the point is moot since porphyria didn’t kill Morgan. 

The next statement to put it plainly is a complete lie. 


After finding out that the cost of genetic testing would easily be over $12,000, the day had been very upsetting up until that very moment.

What was it Toni said, people want Truth Not Lies? 

The cost for DNA testing for one specific porphyria is $850 for the first person in a family who is tested and found to have a mutation. Once a mutation is identified, the cost for DNA testing of other family members is $150 per person. For patients with symptoms of an acute porphyria, but whose specific porphyria has not been identified, a “triple test” for the genes causing three acute porphyrias (or any combination of three porphyrias) can be performed for $1850, a savings of $700 over sequencing each gene separately. Results from DNA testing are typically available in 2 to 4 weeks.

Poor poor Morgan.  This is no longer about her.  It’s about her mother’s insatiable need for attention.

Morgan was right; her mother is a beast.

It’s About Credibility (or lack off)


I’ll try to explain slowly so you understand Toni/Jodin:  When you say things that are not true it undermines your credibility. Tweets like the ones above, along with your childish insults and lies only hurt your cause.

Because the FBI totally tells you when someone calls them about you

How that message might sound:

Uh….yes …..hello?  This is the FBI.  Marcie Wogan called us and said you were wanted Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.  It’s probably a misunderstanding but…..uh..we need to make sure.  We’d like to swing by  and clear things up……uh….say around lunch time? Okay….thanks…bye.

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