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The REAL Truth About Keenan Vanginkel’s Criminal History

May 13, 2013

By Shelby

Surprise!  Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal history barely resembles Toni Ingram’s description.

On 10 May 2013 Toni Ingram wrote:


Which brings up the third piece of advice which I have found to be a very informative, and a useful tool – that is to get the criminal records of the stalker, especially a stranger stalker.  As the claims that he has never been in trouble in his life grow ever louder from all of his family, the list of charges, for a twenty-one year old seem very, very, long.  And most all of the charges he has been found guilty of portend to a serious problem if connected with a stranger stalker, as they are in Morgan’s case.

Toni has written several times about Keenan’s so called criminal record. In the above quote and in previous blogs, she has consistently presented it as extensive.  Although she has not made that record available via Morgan’s Stalking, she has shared it through her Twitter sock account (@SupportIngrams) and with her Twitter followers  They in turn have made it publicly available through their hate sites and Twitter pages.  Readers who wish to see it may do so at one of the following Twitter account pages:

https://twitter.com/SupportIngrams (this is Toni Ingram)



It is located in the left hand column under “view all videos and photos.”

Here is the problem with this document:

It is not Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal record.

What Toni Ingram calls an extensive criminal record is actually a global subject activity report.   

The global subject activity report is a record of a citizen’s interaction with law enforcement.  The activity report can contain items unrelated to criminal activity.  For example, if I am a witness to a car accident or if I am stopped for speeding and given a warning, or even if I am the victim of a crime,  it would all be entered on my  global subject activity report,   A glance at Keenan Vanginkel’s GSAR shows multiple items where criminal charges weren’t applicable, including an impounded vehicle, witnessing a crime, and a trespassing accusation on Aug 25, 2011 courtesy of the Ingrams. 

Last week I ordered a copy of Keenan Vanginkel’s criminal history; his real criminal history.  I ordered it from CBI which is the agency Toni repeatedly has said should have been brought in to investigate Morgan’s death. 

Click here to see Keenan’s true criminal record.

Not exactly the record of a criminal mastermind ninja stalker.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised at the level to which Steve and Toni Ingram will sink, yet I am.  I just don’t understand what is wrong with these people.  How can Steve and Toni, along with those who actively lie on their behalf, stand the very sight of themselves? 

Just one last thing.

Of what charge was Keenan found guilty that “portends” predicts, foretells, prognosticates, or adumbrates, pick a word any of them will do, “a serious problem” if connected to a stranger stalker?  Tell us Toni, which one of Keenan’s crimes do you consider the great harbinger of future stalking events?  Was it the marijuana possession or was it the drug paraphernalia charge? 

If smoking pot leads to stalking, most residents of Colorado should watch their backs; they could find themselves on someone’s suspect list.


TFMT Welcomes Your Comments; But First Some Backstory.

When Toni Ingram began her blog, the group who later published the Truth For Morgan blog, was sympathetic and supportive.  However, it wasn’t long before each and every one of us noticed glaring inconsistencies and contradictions in the stalking story.  Wanting to help Toni but knowing we needed a clear understanding of the facts, we respectfully submitted our questions to the blog. Toni responded to dozens upon dozens of cloyingly sympathetic comments from her regular fandom, but ignored our questions.  In fact, they did not even get past Toni’s screening process. Why would she ignore questions from people who only wanted to help?  Unfettered, we posted our questions to Morgan’s Stalking Facebook, only to check back and find them deleted.  Suffice it to say, this censoring of the truth along with other incidents too numerous to mention, led us to order all reports related to the death of Morgan Ingram, reach out to investigators, and come to our own conclusions. 

The point here is this:  Toni Ingram’s story is inconsistent because it is full of lies. Morgan was not stalked and she was not murdered.  She took her own life in the early hours of December 2, 2011.  Morgan’s Stalking is a work of fiction concocted by a mentally ill woman unable to cope with her guilt, anger and grief. 

If you disagree, TFM Tumblr welcomes your comments.  A special invitation is extended to Sarah Afshar and her merry band of sycophantic followers.  Your comments will not be edited or deleted.  The truth doesn’t have to hide.



By Jenn Johnson

We were blessed to become parents to Keenan in the early 1990’s, he came into this world at 4:53 p.m. weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz.  He loved to cuddle and was literally snoring within the first half hour of his life.  When we took him home, his father did not believe in putting a baby into the bed for fear of rolling over onto him … so I would wait for his father to go to sleep and then sneak him into bed and cuddle him like a teddy bear.

He had a love/hate relationship with his binky when he was about 3 years old.   He knew he shouldn’t have it, so we sat down and talked about it.  He gave me his binky and told me he didn’t need it anymore, so I took it but put kept it close to me just in case.  Later that night, I heard him moaning and tossing so I asked him if he wanted it back and he said “No mommy, I ok,” and that was that for Mr. Binky.

Keenan was always so patient and loving, the light of everyone’s life, especially my dad, aka Papa.  He would always tell his Papa, “La loo!”  which was “love you”.  They have a great relationship to this day.

Keenan loves fishing, hockey and the outdoors in general.  He first played hockey in Marble.  They have a small rink outside and the whole town would come together on the weekends, and everyone — no matter the age — would get the chance to play.   Keenan was really good at it; so good the townspeople started calling him Little Roy, as in Patrick Roy.  He later played for the Grizzly’s in Glenwood, but soon lost the heart for it when his idol, Patrick Roy, retired from the Colorado Avalanche.

 He is still happy and loving, no matter what the circumstances.  He went to a Christian school until the 8th grade and always made sure his older sister was okay.  He watched over her and loves her very much, as well as his baby sister and baby brother.  He always shares everything he has.  As a child he was at a birthday party at school one time and a piñata was broken.  Keenan, like all the other children, ran into the middle of the fray and collected quite the stash of candy, but when a little girl looked at him and batted her eyelashes, Keenan quickly gave all of the candy to her with a smile, because that is who he is.  He has the same generosity and big heart to this day.  He’s a protector, a brother, a son, and a person anyone would be proud to call a friend.

Our son was raised with the bible and taught to know our Lord, which is a lot more than most parents can say today. He has patience and knows that God has a plan for him, through all of these trials and tribulations.  Rather than get caught up in the lies and hatred directed towards him, he has chosen to wait for guidance, wait for the Lord’s plans to be revealed.  We wait with him and stand by his side during this hardship and are grateful to the people who can see the truth through all the smoke and misdirection.  We take our cues from the Lord, not self proclaimed psychic and charlatans. 

 We raised a wonderful son, and are proud of him each and every day.

What’s up with Keenan’s arrest?

It has been claimed that because Keenan Vanginkel was arrested on charges of Receiving Stolen Property, that he is responsible for the death of Morgan. Those who bring up Keenan’s arrest record as some kind of damning evidence imply that because he was arrested once, he must be a violent criminal. 

The jewelry in question belonged to Keenan’s friend’s mother. Keenan’s friend took the jewelry and pawned it without Keenan’s knowledge. Keenan drove his friend to the shop and was present during the transaction, however, he had no knowledge that the jewelry was taken without permission. The friend’s mother tried to stop the incident but was too late, a statement was made, and the case was dismissed. Every piece of jewelry the friend tried to sell was claimed and accounted for by his mother. 

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