Who’s Writing The Morgan’s Stalking Blog?

February 27, 2013

I’ve noticed something odd in the MS blog.  It seems to go from first person to third person and back again..  It’s annoying as hell and makes me wonder if it’s sloppy writing/editing on Toni’s part, or if she has hired a ghost writer and he or she occasionally forgets to write from Toni’s perspective.

Here are a few examples:


Morgan’s older sister {notice she never calls her older daughter by name} comes in my office this morning to tell me that Morgan’s cat Mogwai looks like he is trying to tell her something, and is very distressed.  Steve tells Toni to call our friend the pet communicator.  Toni makes the call, and hears back 20 minutes later.  She works with Mogwai, and tells me he is upset because he was watching Morgan suffer and die, she said he saw her struggle, and couldn’t do anything to help her, he was upset that the puppy was asleep (was the puppy drugged?).  He is just a cat you know, and wouldn’t have been able to help her.  

This was posted today:


Thursday, January 05, 2012 – I spoke with Dr. Tracy Simms today, Morgan’s OB/GYN. This is the first time I have actually spoken with Dr. Simms since Morgan died. Morgan and I both went to see Dr. Simms for our Annual exams on Wednesday, November 30th in Grand Junction (she was the last doctor to see Morgan 36 hours before she was killed on Thursday night, December 1st, she died sometime before 6:00 am Friday morning, December 2nd when I found her). I saw Dr. Simms before Morgan, for my appointment and asked that she might take a look at Morgan, because Morgan looked so exhausted and pale. Toni explained to Tracy about the stalker, and everything that had happened over the last 4 months, and she said she would talk to Morgan

I also noticed Toni doesn’t mind someone violating Morgan’s HIPPA rights if the disclosure fits her need.

Tracy said she did talk to Morgan on Wednesday, November 30th that same day, and suggested that maybe she could give her a prescription for an anti-depressant to help her feel better, or possibly something to help her sleep.  Tracy said Morgan told her that she was not depressed at all, she was just very stressed out over the stalker, and medication wouldn’t help, and she did not need or want a prescription.  She also said Morgan expressed that she felt like things were moving in a positive direction (as far as the investigation), and was upbeat and hopeful things would be getting better.

I don’t care to reveal more about myself than necessary but I will say that I work in health care.  Based on my experience I am suspicious of the above exchange. Physicians tend to take these matters seriously.  Morgan was an adult.  Unless she signed a consent form authorizing it, I highly doubt Morgan’s doctor would have told Toni anything. 


1. Toni Ingram: MorganIngram.com and Morgan’s Stalking  2013




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