Just What Kind of Bull$*!t Is This?

June 1, 2013

by Shelby

There’s a record TFM keeps that’s updated every day or two, coinciding with the Morgan’s Stalking updates.  It is an ever expanding list of the errors, contradictions, half-truths, fabrications, misstatements, exaggerations, and absolute lies contained in Toni Ingram’s blog updates.

Today’s update will note the following:

On May 31, 2013 in Just What Kind of Crime Scene Is This Toni Ingram wrote:

„,what about the items that disappeared from her room on the night she was killed.  Each is uniquely different, each with its own story and importance.

There were other items that turned out to be missing as well, but this blog is going to specifically talk about a small card that also went missing the night Morgan was killed.

It was a driver’ license, obviously Morgan’s license, she would misplace it along with her purse every so often, but she was always very quick to find it when that happened.  It was one of her habits that she would not drive if she knew she did not have it, so to leave it missing was not an option for her.  Her license was always in her wallet, which was always in her purse.  She also kept her previous license right behind her current one.  The previous one was in her wallet after her death, as always, but the current one was not.

Not so according to the unattended death report:

Supplemental #3
Case # 11-29169
Detective J. A. LeMoine
December 8, 2011

After searching Morgan’s bedroom I conducted a search of the vehicle that Morgan was driving the night prior (Land Rover LR3). During this search I took multiple photographs of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. I was able to locate Morgan’s Colorado driver’s license……..

This wasn’t Morgan’s expired license since, according to Toni, that was in her wallet.

No need to keep banging this drum.  Detective LeMoine’s mention of the license in the car disproves that Morgan’s license was taken as a “trophy” by her “killer.”  Toni is either shamelessly lying or she misplaced the license and forgot its presence in the car was noted by Det. LeMoine.


3 responses

  1. Dan Cop for 30 years | Reply

    No signs of forced entry. No noise to awake the parents. Yes there were images on surveillance cameras but Murder ? A very elaborate and cunning suspect would have to have done what’s claimed by the parents. The time frame of her coming home, going to bed….could have the deadly mixtures been introduced into a beverage that Morgan could have consumed before coming home? Time delay would be a factor and the M.E. determining how this was introduced, other contents of the stomach, etc. Many questions and to knowing the details of the law enforcement agency’s investigation would help a trained professional to theorize on how this could be Murder. I’ve understood the family has asked private investigators to reopen this case and review other possibilities other than suicide. Good luck with this case but I’d refrain from pointing fingers without more than a hunch as a untrained investigator. More care should be taken on stating “facts” that are not true or not consistent with the case facts.

    1. Hi Dan. Thanks for your comment. I’m a bit confused though. I feel like your comment should be directed to Steve and Toni Ingram. If that is the case you can reach them via http://morganingram.com/wordpress/

      For the record, I agree with most of your points. Truth for Morgan was created to counter the unjustified accusations made by Morgan’s parents.

      1. I’m sorry if I was not clear but no I do not believe this to be Murder based on the available data. Inaccurate statements by the parents are evident based on the official reports available. I agree with you on that fact. Over the years I’ve heard just about every exaggeration in the book by family and friends on how they think it happened in many cases. Law enforcement operates on facts, period and folks can try to change the “story” to their opinion but the facts remain. My points were that the Medical Examiner / Coroner looks at the contents, blood, tissue, etc. and that along with the photos of the scene, hard evidence, forensics work if DNA is a factor, etc. these are indisputable facts. Family can’t change that. Yes cops operate on “gut” feelings AT TIMES but that’s only to look at other possibilities. Cops can’t make evidence to fit their gut either, we go by facts. The gut simply is a tool but we maintain a broad view so we don’t miss anything. Unless some error is revealed in any of the processes, I’m afraid the folks will have to accept that it was suicide.

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