Here We Go Again

May 15, 2013

by Shelby (not to be confused with MayraMM, Marcie Wogan, or Tricia Griffith)

It starts.

I have noticed a distinct pattern.  Every time I reveal a truth Toni Ingram did not want revealed, or expose yet another of her lies, all hell breaks loose. Toni’s Army of Twitter Trolls ratchet up the intensity level with  accusations, insults and name calling.



They’ve been caught in another lie.  How do they respond?

They certainly can’t defend their misrepresentation of Keenan’s criminal record because that would be acknowledging that they did in fact lie.

So what do they do?  Repeat the lie of course!


Last night we witnessed further escalation.

Someone, I don’t know who, created a Twitter account using the name @MarcieW0gan, then proceeded to attack Twitter users who identify themselves of anonymous.  The intention here, no doubt, was to incite anon into retaliating against Marcie Wogan.  Not exactly something Marcie herself would do.  No, this kind of manipulation screams Toni Ingram.

I feel like I should be angry or offended by this whole sordid mess, but the only thing I feel is sadness for Morgan and the wretched legacy her parents have created.

2 responses

  1. If Toni’s husband is like the actor who portrayed him then they probably split already!!! In the episode, you could tell he totally didn’t believe his wife or daughter. He seemed like a man who “Just went along to Get Along!!” I do feel bad for Toni, especially since she had only 1 child, (I think?), I also wonder if she will ever humble herself enough to get some serious psychologocical help & would she even listen? Along towards the end of the program, I knew that no one came in to their home & injected their daughter with the same drug that she just happened to have on her bedside table. “From one Mother to Another, “I love you Toni,” but you need to get help!!! Please, if for no other reason……(For the Love of Morgon & for the Relationship between you & Hubby….that is, if there is one still.”

  2. I just learned of Morgan’s story today. I feel sadness and anger towards her parents. This is not how Morgan (or anyone) would want to be remembered. I am very “happy” person who secretly struggles with depression. Today, I have decided to share my struggles with my husband and mother so they have the whole picture of who I am. Thank you for the effort you have put in this blog.

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